Pure n Free Dairy Free Coconut Yoghurt is a creamy delicious alternative to dairy yoghurt made from certified organic coconut milk and vegan probiotic cultures.

This is dairy FREE yoghurt at it's finest!

No added nasties - just pure and delicious ingredients!


Available in 200g, 550g, 1.1kg, & 5kg (Food Service) 

Enjoy the creamiest of creamy smooth

"melt in your mouth” dairy free Coconut yoghurt!

Our Range

Pure n Free - Chocolate Mousse.png

Chocolate Mousse

Pure n Free - Salted Caramel.png

Salted Caramel

Pure n Free - Natural Unsweetend.png

Natural Unsweetend

Pure n Free - Pot Set Vegan.png

Pot Set Vegan